The Internet Exchange Point (IXP) provided by the FCCN Unit, has a direct impact on Internet use in Portugal. Find out how.

#1 A shortcut between domains

GigaPIX is a service that allows several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) andcontent delivery networks (CDNs) to exchange traffic among themselves, generating higher connection speeds.

#2 Cost reduction

There are currently 40 entities that are members of GigaPix and, in this way, exchange internet traffic. This number has been growing over the last years and allows a very significant cost reduction by avoiding the use of more expensive international connections. The more exchange points and the more nodes there are, the easier it is to optimize - to find the most cost-effective way.
Some of the GigaPIX member entities are, as an example: MEO, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, among others.

#3 Improve the experience

Keeping local traffic local, the round trip time may be up to three times faster than the round trip time in Portugal [total time that a signal takes to travel between the point of origin and destination], thus considerably improving the user experience, both when browsing the Internet and when streaming, accessing VoIP (Voice over IP) and video/audio conferences, online video games, among others.

#4 Reliability and security

GigaPix has a direct impact on the increase of network infrastructure redundancy [duplication of components in order to ensure reliability, security, availability and perfect operation of the network system, in case of failures or overloads]. This is because a greater number of traffic exchange points ensures greater control and ability to optimise the infrastructure.

#5 Neutrality and increasing user benefit

Taking as an example the Science, Technology and Society Network (RCTS), the academic and scientific network driven by the FCCN Unit, more than 30% of its traffic is made through GigaPix. Considering the increase of GigaPIX adherent members, this is a value that has been increasing over the last years. In turn, the increase in the number of members is a factor that generates benefits for users, content providers and Internet providers, being a neutral point, it is not owned or operated by a commercial entity and is not for profit.

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A note on GigaPIX traffic increases

GigaPIX traffic recorded a 35% growth since the appearance of the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Portugal. The state of emergency - now renewed - which led to a scenario of containment and social isolation, generated this increase.

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