The Jornadas FCCN are just around the corner and we're sharing testimonies from our community about the importance of this meeting. Find out what the Jornadas participants think about this annual meeting promoted by Unidade FCCN.
Rui Canizes, Head of the Technological Infrastructures Division at the Portuguese Institute for Sport and Youth (IPDJ), tells us what it's been like for him to take part in this Unidade event FCCN.

"What do the FCCN Days mean to me?"

For me, the Jornadas at FCCN are extremely important, I gain knowledge, share experiences, receive experiences and it's an opportunity to meet people from my environment and work colleagues.

"Why the Jornadas FCCN are important"

In my opinion, the FCCN days are extremely important, firstly because it's a nationwide event, and secondly because it brings together professionals from all areas of technology. In addition, there are manufacturers there with their latest innovations. During the three days, we have workshops that allow us to acquire and improve our knowledge. Finally, we have the social part, which allows us as professionals, from the public administration or the private sector, to get to know each other. So this is a win-win scenario.

In my opinion, the Days of FCCN are to be maintained and preserved. So, to everyone, good days. All going well and much success.

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