A delegation from the International Cities of Learning project visited the facilities of the FCCN Unit, with the aim of learning more about the NAU Platform.  

A group of 15 leaders and technicians from governmental and civil society organizations visited the FCT, on May 9, at the facilities of the FCCN Unit and its Studio, at Avenida do Brasil, in Lisbon. The delegation was composed of professionals from cities in Belgium, Curaçao, the Netherlands, Ireland and Lithuania. 

The objectives of this visit were to show how the NAU Platform works, and share some of the main results that distinguish this project of the FCCN Unit, a pioneer at a national level, supporting teaching and training, aimed at large audiences. 

During the visit, it was also possible to show some of the main results achieved by the NAU, as well as share the main conclusions drawn from the activity carried out so far, particularly with regard to the pedagogical and assessment models used.  

The 21st Century Skills Recognition for Adults in Cities of Learning initiative brings together government and civil society organizations to create unique Lifelong Learning ecosystems in the cities of Lisbon, Rotterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp and Ghent (Belgium), Vilnius (Lithuania) and the Caribbean Island of Curaçao (Kingdom of the Netherlands). Lisbon City Hall is one of the project's partners.  

You can learn more about this initiative at: https://www.citiesoflearning.net/adult-skills/ 

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