The MoRENet CSIRT - a computer incident response team associated with the NREN of Mozambique - was listed on Trusted Introducer, being the first CSIRT in Mozambique to appear on this list.

A CSIRT(Computer Security Incident Response Team) is a group of technicians responsible for responding to computer security incidents. This may be a service provided externally to the organization, through a specialized company or may be a unit of the organization itself. In the case of the CSIRTs of an NREN, these operate within the academic and scientific community of the country where they are located.

In turn, the Trusted Introducer Service is a kind of hub for infrastructure services and serves as the information center for all security and incident response teams. It lists all the teams and their credentials and certifies the teams according to their proven and verified maturity level. Through this service, the security and incident response teams interact efficiently and effectively with each other, enhancing their ability to help each other and respond to security challenges. The service is managed under the responsibility of GEANT.

Europe's database of CSIRTs (also known as CERTs) and security teams can be viewed on Trusted Introducer (TI).To be listed, the proposed team must meet the defined formal accreditation requirements.

The integration in the Trusted Introducer list by MoRENet CSIRT was supported by RCTS CERT and CERT.PT (CNCS), among others.

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