Computer security incident response team of the Science, Technology and Society Network (RCTS) participated in the International CyberEx, on 11 September.

The RCTS CERT team's participation consisted of an eight-hour exercise. To this end, it used a purpose-built platform, which was accessed from several continents by teams from different sectors of activity.

The exercise was conducted in Capture the Flag mode and is designed to allow participants to gain experience in tracking down an intrusion, as well as to improve responsiveness to cyber-attacks.

The International CyberEx is organized by the Organization of American States, the CNPIC and INCIBE (Spain). On its website, the initiative defines as its objective "strengthening the capacity to respond to cyber incidents" and "improving collaboration and cooperation" in the response to this type of occurrence.

The teams involved, adds the same source, are composed of cybersecurity incident response teams or experts from various sectors: public, private, military, academic and civil society.

To learn more visit the event website.

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