National Scientific Computing Unit (RCTS CERT) cybersecurity incident response team hosts a 48-hour "Capture The Flag" event from 13 to 15 October.

RCTS CERT once again challenges everyone interested in cybersecurity to participate in a CTF competition. This time, the event takes place during the eJornadas 2020, between 12 noon on 13 October and 12 noon on 15 October (48 hours).

The competition focuses on one type of CTF in particular: the "Jeopardy". The goal is to arrive at the solution of each challenge by finding the respective "flag". The competition takes place through a platform where participants access challenges from various categories and enter their solutions.

Some of the categories present in the competition are Crypto, Network, OSINT, Reverse Engineering, Steganography or Web. The resolution of each challenge will be scored according to a degree of difficulty previously defined by the organization.

This competition is supported by MetaRed Portugal and prizes will be awarded to the winning team. For information and registration, those interested can visit:

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