Online training takes place on 25 and 28 February. The aim is to "explore the UP2U platform".

The UP2U platform aims to create a dynamic learning environment that allows the sharing of knowledge inside and outside the classroom and enhances innovation and the acquisition of new digital skills.

The UP2U ecosystem provides member schools with a set of tools and applications: social interactions, real-time interactions, integrated learning platform (moodle), access to multimedia educational content, tools for recording and publishing multimedia content and document sharing.

This is the universe of resources that can be discovered in depth in the webinar to be held on 25 and 28 February at 3pm. The aim is to "explore the platform", says the UP2U organisation on its website:

The Unit FCCN is leading the Portuguese participation and the implementation of the national pilot in conjunction with a group of Portuguese secondary schools. If you would like to find out more about the UP2U project, please register.

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