Open Science is the movement that promotes more open and collaborative research practices, in which publications, data, software, and other types of scientific output are shared as early as possible and made available for reuse.

The practice of Open Science contributes to:

  • Increase knowledge of the scientific process and research efficiency;
  • Enhance scientific cooperation;
  • Promote the social and economic impact of science.

FCT's aim is to ensure that all the research it funds is openly accessible to everyone. To this end, its Unit FCCN provides a range of services that promote the practice of Open Science.

Services provided

  • B-On
    Online Knowledge Library

    Open Access Scientific Repositories

  • Indexar
    Digital Knowledge Repositories

  • Scielo
    Continuous publication

  • Polen
    Research data management and sharing

    Integration of support systems to the national scientific activity

  • NAU
    Online education and training platform