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Expand Your Private Network

RCTS Plus is a connectivity service that provides advanced features, ensured through the creation of Ethernet Virtual Private Networks (VPN), over which large volumes of information can be exchanged.

It is a service specially designed for projects or applications that require high performance switched connectivity, but do not require Internet connection.

Who is it intended for?

Institutions may join the RCTS Plus service:

About RCTS Plus

The virtual private networks (VPN) created under the RCTS service allow the exchange of high flows of information in a simple and integrated manner.

This provides better performance and isolation from RCTS IP traffic.

Speeds of 1Gbits/s, or 100Gbits/s, using proprietary address are available.

Users can configure their own VLANs, thus creating their own VPN over the VPN provided by RCTS PLUS.

Several entities with different connections and speeds can also be integrated in the same RCTS PLUS VPN.

International Links

RCTS Plus may include entities from other European academic networks connected to the GÉANT network via the equivalent service GÉANT Plus.

The inclusion of external entities to the RCTS, always requires confirmation of the existence of these features in the target networks.

Terms of Use

Specially designed to include advanced features for activities and projects that require high performance switched connectivity, RCTS Plus is intended for all institutions eligible for membership of the RCTS IP service.

If your entity is part of the academic or scientific community and is not yet connected to the RCTS Network, see here how to join and be able to use the RCTS Plus service.


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