ISEP student participates in GÉANT's Future Talent Programme with the support of the National Scientific Computing Unit. Luís Sampaio's Lightning Talk presents his research in the area of synthetic telepathy integrated in messaging applications, carried out together with his colleague Fábio Lourenço.


As expected, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the student Lightning Talks scheduled for TNC20 have taken on an online format. The premise, however, remains the same: "toshare ideas and study/research projects in the area of technologies, namely IT or computer networks" .

This was the sharing that Luís Sampaio, a master's student in Computer Engineering at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, carried out in a video released by GÉANT. In a 5-minute multimedia presentation, the student frames the relevance of the work done together with his colleague Fábio Lourenço.

GÉANT has also made available the presentations of other participants in this initiative. In total, six students share the main results and objectives of their research, coming from various countries: Ireland, Cyprus, Italy and Russia.

These presentations can be accessed on GÉANT's Future Talent Programme page. The topics are varied and range fromquantum cryptography to the Internet of Things,artificial intelligence applied to drug development and the development of a crowdfundingapplication, for example.

Effective communication

The research conducted by the Portuguese students focuses on the various applications of synthetic telepathy technology, i.e. the use of the brain's electrical activity to create a contactless interface for messaging applications.

To convey the key ideas of the presentation 'Synthetic telepathy for human-machine interaction on decentralized messaging applications', Luís Sampaio and Fábio Lourenço relied on the support of GÉANT's Future Talent Programme, with specific training on ways to ensure effective communication.

"[In this initiative] we learned that a presentation is not just reporting and talking about slides. It's about conveying a message, engaging the audience and making them identify with the topic being discussed," the students explain, emphasising telling a story, giving examples and keeping an informal, accessible and respectful approach.


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