Pilot project will allow the RCTS community to use the Colibri service for events with more than 300 participants.

The creation of a pilot project for conducting webinars through Colibri was included in the plan of activities of the FCT National Scientific Computing Unit (FCCN Unit). Its implementation was accelerated due to the demand by our community for this type of solutions for events, given the pandemic situation we are experiencing. The project is now taking shape, with the availability of a form where the request for webinars can be made by the community of the Science, Technology and Society Network (RCTS).

O form is available on the Colibri website and implies sharing information about the event, such as the number of participants expected and the date. This is because the webinar service is only available for the RCTS community and for events with more than 300 and up to 1000 participants. On the other hand, only one webinar schedule per day can be approved.

Access to the service is always subject to approval, which will be decided according to the number of available licenses and reservations already made. After approval, users are granted the license for "Pro" and "Webinar" use of the platform on the scheduled date.

Visit the Colibri website for the order form.

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