The Jornadas FCCN are just around the corner and we're sharing testimonies from our community about the importance of this meeting. Find out what the Jornadas participants think about this annual meeting promoted by the FCCN Unit.
António Luís Lopes, Head of the Information Systems Development team at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, tells us what the Jornadas are like for him and what his expectations are for the 2023 edition.

"What do the FCCN Days mean to me?"

It is this networking space, which allows me to interact with experts, researchers, and other professionals in this field, which helps me stay informed about best practices, and which can contribute to the generation of partnerships and the development of innovative projects that in turn contribute to the improvement of teaching and research quality.

"Why are the Jornadas FCCN important?"

I consider the FCCN days to be one of the most important annual events for people like me who work in the field of IT at a higher education institution.

Not only do the days provide access to up-to-date and relevant information about the technologies and services provided by FCCN, but they also give the community the opportunity to discuss and share experiences about their practices, challenges and opportunities when it comes to using information and communication technologies.

"What are my expectations for the 2023 edition?"

About this year's conference, besides hoping that it will be this space for networking and collaboration that I have described before, I hope that this time it will introduce the topic of Artificial Intelligence and the impact it may have on this community, not only because it is a topic that is on the agenda given the advances that have been witnessed, but also because it is something for which I have a special affection because it is my area of research.

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