The latest update of the service for holding remote meetings allows 300 users per room at the same time. 

Until now, the creation of a new room on Colibri implied a limit of 100 participants. However, due to the most recent update of the structure, it is now possible to aggregate 300 simultaneous users .

During 2018, Colibri recorded around 25 thousand sessions. During the first four months of 2019, more than 67 thousand users have already used the service, for a total of about 72 thousand hours of use .

Colibri allows users to hold remote meetings between two or more participants of the academic and scientific community. Some examples of use are the realization of group work, classes or tutorials.

It is also possible for users to share audio, video, text, images, whiteboard and each participant's own screen. The works can also be recorded for later availability.

The Colibri service includes Web Conferencing (oriented to a collaborative environment, with document sharing and interaction between participants) and Videoconferencing (for sessions with superior video quality and requiring interoperability with traditional terminals).

For more information, visit the service brochure.

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