Defending The SOC, the first stage of CTF International MetaRed '21 concluded with record participation in the exercise organized by the service managed by FCCN, the RCTS CERT.

The 24-hour Defending The SOC event, organized by the computer security incident response service of the FCCN unit of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), RCTS CERT, took place from 10 to 11 August.

The online event was composed of 30 challenges from various categories, and had around 800 entries, which resulted in the formation of 478 teams. Of the 372 that scored, 89% solved at least 3 challenges.

This Capture The Flag is part of the CTF International MetaRed '21 championship, which will have 4 more stages organized by the international MetaRed partners in Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and Portugal again.

The 30 challenges proposed by RCTS CERT were distributed by the categories of cryptography, forensic analysis, OSINT, networks, reverse engineering, pwn, web and mission. Of these, 9 were designed with a logical sequence, in the mission category, within a framework of an attack on a SOC (Security Operations Centre ) and consequent defensive and offensive reaction.  

defending the soc results FCCN Computing Unit
CTF 2021 results graph

In the end, 8 teams completed the 30 challenges, with the first place going to a team from Argentina (Cumbancha team), composed by 5 elements, which solved the exercises in 8 hours and 37 minutes. The best Portuguese teams came respectively in 3rd, 4th and 7th place in the ranking.

The feedback from the players of the event was very positive and several participants gave special emphasis to the challenges of the mission category, corresponding to the theme of the event.

Stage prizes will be awarded at the final prize-giving event.

The next "Capture The Flag" of the MetaRed competition will take place on 21 October.

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