European students can apply to EUMaster4HPC, the first pan-European Master's in High Performance Computing (HPC). With funding from the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, the Master's program will train the next generation of HPC experts in Europe and provide students with excellent career prospects in the rapidly expanding field of HPC.

The EUMaster4HPC consortium has launched another call for students to apply for a master's degree in supercomputing and computer science, namely High Performance Computing (HPC) and its industrial applications.

The range of knowledge to be acquired is as varied as you can imagine: mathematical modeling, statistics, parallel programming and architecture, artificial intelligence, data analysis, distributed systems, processor design and HPC architecture, Cloud design and implementation. And the list of possible skills to acquire is far from being finished!

There are, however, some requirements for students to be considered. In addition to a bachelor's degree or equivalent qualifications in computer science, mathematics or relevant scientific or technical fields, those interested need prior knowledge of programming, various aspects of technical mathematics (algebra, statistics, probability, among others), a high level of English speaking and writing. Finally, they need to be available to complete the second year of the course at one of the 8 universities in different European cities that partner with EUMaster4HPC.

Applications for the various master's degrees that are under the EUMaster4HPC program (with the second year taking place at a European university) are underway. To apply, students must submit a number of documents and fill out a specific form.

All additional information - the courses available, the study program, the universities, and the application itself - can be found on the program's website.

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