Portuguese university students with the possibility of making a presentation in Tallinn, Estonia, under the scope of TNC19. Applications are open until 28 February.

Portuguese university students in the areas of IT and Networking have the opportunity to submit a proposal for presentation at the largest and most prestigious annual conference on academic networking, with the support of the Scientific Computing Unit.

A TNC19 will be held in Tallinn, Estonia, from June 16 to 20. In the last edition, there were more than 750 participants. Students Jorge Mendes and José Brito, from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), nominated by the Unit FCCN, were present on stage as part of the Lightning Talks.

In 2019, GÉANT and the FCCN Unit are once again inviting Portuguese students to take part in this event through the Lightning Talk Challenge. Through this opportunity, they will be able to show their interest in the subjects they are studying or share information about relevant activities in the field of technology taking place on the campus of their higher education institution.

On its website, GÉANT shares some advice for "building a successful proposal". Originality, focus on narrative and concern with content are some of the examples.

What is it?

The Students Lightning Talk Challenge consists of a 5-minute presentation. The presentation can be a showcase of a brilliant idea, an innovation discovery, a project, the result of a research or study, and will be exposed to an international audience of technologists and members of the academic community.

What does the student gain by participating?

Participating in the largest and most prestigious academic networking conference is, in itself, a rewarding challenge and an enriching experience. In addition to this opportunity, there is also a training moment involved. Selected students will be supported by GÉANT's GLAD - GÉANT Learning and Development team - with three courses/webinarson proposal writing and public speaking.

If your proposal is selected, you will travel free of charge to the 3-day conference, organised by GÉANT - the European academic network manager. Conference entrance fees, accommodation and travel expenses will be fully covered.

What is expected? 

After registering for the challenge, the participant is expected to be available and contactable during the challenge period; submit their proposal; prepare and rehearse their presentation; receive training on the webinars; if selected make their presentation at the Lightning Talks session at TNC18. The presentation should be in English and no longer than 5 minutes.

What kind of ideas can be submitted? 

The subject of each presentation can be an idea, a project, the result of an investigation, an innovative idea that the student is working on and that addresses a technical, economic, legal, security or environmental aspect in any area of IT and/or networks.

How to submit the application?

Registration for Portuguese students should be done through the Unit FCCN and is already underway. The deadline for sending applications to FCCN is February 22nd , to the following email address c.imagem@fccn.pt.

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