A FCCN Unit is developing, since the beginning of 2020, a project in the area of Digital Transformation in Research. What are the expected results? And what impact will it have on Science in Portugal? Learn all about this initiative.

It is with a view to strengthening investment in the area of open science at a national level (in particular in the management of research data) that the FCCN Unit has been working, since January 2020, under the project "Digital Transformation in Research". The project, which includes funding from COMPETE (European Social Fund), is scheduled to end in December 2022, and is seen as a reinforcement in the investment that FCT has been making in recent years in science management.

The areas of Science Management and Open Science are, in fact, fundamental in the execution of this project, which is implementing a system to support the digital transformation of the Public Administration. With a budget of around 800 thousand euros, the project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022, by which time it will have provided infrastructure and support services for the management of research data, through which the academic and scientific community can deposit the results of their research. 

One infrastructure, several parts: the SciPROJ

Within this infrastructure, the project foresees the implementation of a national registry of science and technology funding. Named SciPROJ, this register will allow the aggregation of national funding in a single database, and will also be made available as open data, promoting transparency and accessibility to information on scientific funding. 

sciproj FCCN Computation Unit

In addition to the funding register, the project foresees the implementation of a national register of science and technology outputs , which will serve to share research results, thus gathered in a single database. This solution will allow the availability of information in open data regime, to stimulate the sharing and reuse of information - principles that are the basis of Open Science practices. 

In addition to data on outputs, management processes to support decision-making are also in focus in this project, with the creation of a business intelligence which will allow, from the national registers of publications and funding, to produce support indicators. 

Finally, taking into account a more effective implementation of the open access policy to research results funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology, the project will also carry out actions to promote this policy, seeking to strengthen the adherence of researchers to these principles, increasing the potential impact of the funded research. 

You can find more information on the project's dedicated page.

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