FCCN Contingency Plan

The FCCN keeps track of the evolution of the situation and regularly monitors the official guidelines of the competent entities: The Directorate-General of Health, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the World Health Organization.

Following the government's decisions, considering the current situation and believing that we all have an important role in stopping the spread of this virus, it was decided to implement additional protection and contingency measures in order to ensure everyone's safety, as well as the continuity of FCCN services, adjusting and ensuring the critical activities, in the context we are currently going through.

Thus, the following preventive measures were taken:

  • All trips scheduled in the near future have been limited or cancelled;
  • Preference should continue to be given to meetings by videoconference, and face-to-face meetings should be avoided. Meeting rooms can be used, ensuring the rule of 4m2/person, and with one day spacing between meetings for cleaning of the space.
  • Visits to FCCN spaces are evaluated case by case and when approved all protection, hygiene and distancing recommendations are followed;
  • Access to FCCN Datacenters was limited to situations of extreme urgency;
  • Access to the FCCN Studio is open by appointment and with rules on attendance and hygiene;
  • Access to Sala Tejo is subject to scheduling - used for videoconferencing in telepresence, with attendance and hygiene rules;
  • The services are ensured with the teams in an alternate regime of partial teleworking;
  • All the usual contact channels are available remotely and online;
  • In-person events are limited or have been postponed. They will be held online or new dates will be announced as soon as possible;
  • The capacity of the Colibri videoconferencing service was strengthened and the most useful FCCN services were publicised to provide a better response to the entire higher education and research community in the practice of teleworking, making classes and meetings available at a distance.
    • Colibri - Videoconference System
    • Videocast - Live video streaming
    • educast - Record, edit and publish educational videos
    • NAU - Online courses for large audiences
    • Filesender - secure sharing of large files
  • The Science, Technology and Society Network connection to the GigaPIX traffic exchange point was upgraded to 100 Gbps speed;
  • The eduVPN service was launched, aimed at the research and education community, to provide more secure access to public and private networks and/or remote access to institutions' terminals.

During this challenging period, we wish all the FCCN community and their families good health.

Content updated on 08/07/2021