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We ensure technology and means for research, for science and for the development of new knowledge, serving a community of students, teachers and researchers.

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graphic animation representing the 6 pillars of the fccn: connectivity, computing, knowledge, collaboration, security and innovation

What you can do with the services FCCN

Create, share, publish, consult, access, remember, communicate...

These are verbs that we easily associate with the services provided by the Unit FCCN, on the RCTS Network, to the scientific and academic community.

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b-on - 20 years of sharing knowledge

B-on: two decades of promoting knowledge sharing

The Foundation for Science and Technologydeveloped through FCCN - which guarantees permanent and unlimited access to scientific articles and publications from some of the most important content providers - is to be congratulated.

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Coimbra to host Jornadas FCCN in 2025

After this year's edition on the island of Madeira, the Jornadas FCCN 2025 are taking place in what is known as the city of knowledge and students: Coimbra.

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Announcement of Jornadas FCCN 2025 on the stage of the closing session of Jornadas FCCN 2024, in Madeira