The newly-formed Advanced Computing Users' Forum, promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology through the FCCN unit, aims to become a meeting point for experts and apprentices in the field of advanced computing.  

This will be an open space for debate, sharing knowledge and solutions to technical challenges, as well as a vital source of information and networking for those interested in the future of technology. 

The importance of the Forum 

In the world of research, technology and innovation, collaboration and the exchange of knowledge are fundamental to scientific progress. In this context, the Advanced Computing Users Forum has emerged as a vital platform for the community interested in using the services provided by the National Advanced Computing Network (RNCA)

According to the internal regulations, the Forum is designed as an independent body to welcome users from the various scientific areas, whether they come from public or private research communities

Main objectives 

The fundamental purpose of the project is to provide an autonomous environment for the exchange of experiences and advice on the use of RNCA services, as well as to draw up recommendations for continuous improvement

Its objectives range from serving as a communication channel between users, operational and competence centers and RNCA/FCT, to identifying improvements in RNCA processes. The Advanced Computing Users Forum also plays a multifaceted role in promoting excellence in the use of advanced computing for scientific and technological purposes. 

In addition, it welcomes new users, offering them guidance and support in solving problems, and is expected to take an active part in the annual advanced computing meeting, consolidating its role as a dynamic and participatory forum.  

In short, it represents not only a platform for sharing knowledge, but also a catalyst for scientific and technological progress, promoting a culture of collaboration and excellence in the use of advanced computing.  

Professor Carlos Silva takes over as coordinator

The coordinator of the Forum is appointed by the Foundation for Science and Technology for terms of up to three years and works in collaboration with the management of the RNCA to ensure the proper functioning of the body.  

It thus plays a crucial role in coordinating activities, and the Forum's governance structure is also designed to guarantee its effectiveness and autonomy. Currently, the Forum's elected coordinator is Professor Carlos Silva from the Instituto Superior Técnico

Contact the Forum 

For those wishing to contact this forum, an online form is available, providing a direct means of communication with the coordination.  

This initiative aims to ensure that all questions, comments and suggestions from the community are promptly addressed and considered. More information at: 

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