High-speed Internet to accelerate knowledge

Connectivity Knowledge

Written by João Nuno Ferreira - 24 November 2023

Networks play a fundamental role in science and academia. They connect teaching and research institutions and provide digital services that help researchers and students. read more

eSIM: The New "Card

Connectivity Knowledge

Written by Fábio Cosme - 28 June 2023

We are all familiar with the famous little removable card used in mobile devices to identify the user of a telephone operator's network, the... read more

"RCAAP plays an important role in achieving the goals of the Open Science movement" 


Written by Paulo Lopes - 30 May 2023

The manager of RCAAP, Paulo Lopes, tells us all about the main steps taken by this service from FCCN which, in 2022, registered more than 25 million downloads. read more

Myths and truths about open access and rights retention


Written by Joana Novais - 19 May 2023

There are still many questions about what actually constitutes open access. A frequent misconception is the confusion between the terms open access and open access. read more