"I hope more and more girls will choose technology fields"

Computing Knowledge Innovation

15 March 2023

Isabel Ribeiro, Researcher at the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR-Lisbon) / IST, shares her testimony about her own role and the relevance... read more

"Programming is a different way of solving problems"

Computing Connectivity Knowledge Innovation

15 March 2023

Manager of the Digital Identity Service at FCCN Unit, shares her experience in pursuing her interests and passions, tells us about the work developed by the team she manages and the women who inspire her in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. read more

Artificial Intelligence and FCCN: possible contributions and intersections

Computing Knowledge

27 May 2022

The researcher and professor at the University of Évora, Paulo Quaresma, shares potential applications of artificial intelligence technologies in services of the FCCN Unit. This article... read more

"Greater gender diversity can complement our way of being, being and working"

Collaboration Computing Connectivity Knowledge Innovation Security

Written by Gonçalo Lopes - 15 March 2022

Gonçalo Lopes, a team member from the Network Services Area, offers his contribution to GÉANT's #WomenInSTEM campaign, highlighting examples from his professional career that illustrate the importance of making a change. During the month of March, the FCCN Unit gives the opinion of several of its employees about gender diversity and the importance of the role of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. read more

INCD: Computing in Science and Education


17 June 2019

The INCD - National Infrastructure for Distributed Computing provides digital support for research. More than 35 institutions use these computing and storage services, in all areas of knowledge. read more