What FCCN services can help students?

Collaboration Knowledge

21 May 2020

The contingency scenario experienced has led thousands of Higher Education students to use Colibri. Learn about six other FCCN services that can make a difference in the student academic experience. read more

The phishing pandemic continues


Written by Carlos Friaças - 07 May 2020

The manager of the cybersecurity service of the FCCN unit (RCTS CERT), Carlos Friaças, explains the dangers that, in times of pandemic, derive from various phishing campaigns. read more

"b-on is instrumental in providing access to scientific knowledge"

06 May 2020

The b-on's manager, Joana Novais, highlights some of the characteristics that distinguish this service from the FCCN Unit, underlining its importance, given the evolution of the scientific research paradigm. read more

What if the Days had been in April?

22 April 2020

At a time when the country and the world are closed doors, facing a pandemic, the annual meeting point for the various communities that use advanced computing platforms, communication and other digital services provided by FCCN, suffered an expected postponement. read more

Colibri. Collaboration with reinforced security

Collaboration Security

22 April 2020

The FCCN team clarifies cybersecurity details regarding the use of Colibri, after several news reports on security flaws in the Zoom platform. read more

Cybersecurity and COVID-19


Written by Carlos Friaças - 03 April 2020

The manager of the cybersecurity service of FCCN, Carlos Friaças, explains why we should be alert to cyberthreats related to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. read more

The 5 reasons why GigaPix improves your browsing


03 April 2020

The Internet Exchange Point (IXP) provided by the FCCN Unit, has a direct impact on Internet use in Portugal. Learn how. read more