Learning on holiday

Written by Sandro Costa - 17 August 2021

Holidays! We spend months waiting for the opportunity to bury our toes in a few centimetres of sand, while listening in the distance to the roar of the... read more

"National connectivity was only possible thanks to the efforts of FCCN"


02 August 2021

João Neves was one of the members of the team that worked on Portugal's first Internet connections in 1991. The technical specialist and coordinator of INESC TEC recalls the role of the FCCN Unit in this pioneering work, highlighting the team spirit that he considers "unforgettable". read more

Digital Preservation. Online archives or from online?


Written by Daniel Gomes - 29 July 2021

Arquivo.pt's Manager, Daniel Gomes, reflects on the need for greater awareness of the importance of preserving information in digital format: "If information is power, losing information is losing power". read more

Open Science promotes open minds and free access to knowledge


Written by Paulo Lopes - 27 July 2021

The Manager of RCAAP - Repositórios Científicos de Acesso Aberto de Portugal, Paulo Lopes, highlights the importance of the application of Open Science principles for the development of society, highlighting the efforts made by FCT's FCCN Unit in this area: "FCT is committed to the principles of Open Science". read more

"The Internet has radically changed society"


16 July 2021

The computer scientist Fernando Boavida was one of the members of the team that, in 1991, connected Portugal to the Internet. 30 years later, the lecturer and researcher from the University of Coimbra describes the work done and the atmosphere experienced by those who carried out this pioneering work. read more

The interview with the "father" of the Portuguese internet

17 May 2021

"All participants had the impression that they were contributing to something big and relevant." read more

The challenges of the RCTS: 33 years of history


Written by João Nuno Ferreira - 21 April 2021

The general coordinator of the Unit FCCN, João Nuno Ferreira, reflects on the history and future of the national education and research network (RCTS), highlighting the strategic role of this structure in the work carried out by the communities it serves. read more