The exhibition "Viral", at the Pavilion of Knowledge, was reopened on September 24th. Learn about the role of the FCCN Studio in the preparation of new interactive modules.

"Viral" is an interactive exhibition that, during the last years, has toured several countries. Recently returned from France, "Viral" includes different modules that reflect on the theme of "Contagion". The current context, resulting from the pandemic of the new coronavirus, led Ciência Viva to add a new interactive module on Covid-19, using the FCCN unit's FCT Studio.

The focus of this collaboration was on audio capture, in order to record several contents to be integrated in the interactive exhibition. Thus, through the voiceovers made in the FCCN Studio, it became possible to address issues such as the origin of the Covid-19 epidemic and the fake news associated with it, for example.

"Viral" is described as an exhibition for families, schools and adults. The interactive modules that make it up explore the phenomenon of contagion through the prism of various areas of knowledge ranging from Biology to Epidemiology, Social Sciences or Psychology.

Inaugurated in 2015, at the Pavilion of Knowledge, this exhibition was created by the Ciência Viva agency, in partnership with the museums Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, in Paris, and Heureka, in Helsinki.

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