New documents clarify all doubts about the use of Educast.

The Educast team - FCCN Unit Video Service for recording and sharing educational content - has just published two new user manuals. The published documents include instructions for using the Educast platform and, specifically, the Educast Recorder.  

Through the Educast user manual, it is possible to find answers to questions such as "how to create a channel?", "how to record a video?" or "how to publish and share?", as well as learn more about the characteristics of this service and its target audiences. Knowing more about export formats or ways to integrate the content into different learning environments are other examples of information shared in this manual. 

Simultaneously, a user manual was also published specifically focused on the Educast Recorder, detailing all the steps required to install the application, as well as record, edit, and publish multimedia content. 

You can check out the new Educast user manuals on the project's help site.

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