Another edition of Open Day Estúdio took place today - a day dedicated to demonstrating the possibilities of this framework to potential users.

Throughout the day, the Unit's Studio FCCN received around 40 visitors who got to know its different resources and equipment better. "The aim was to demonstrate the Studio to potential users," explains the coordinator of this structure, Cláudio Silva, adding that this day is also aimed at "regular users who can learn about new potentialities that they didn't know about before."

The 2019 edition of this event included the demonstration of an outdoor car, courtesy of Avantools. An outdoor car makes it possible to capture images, with simultaneous shooting, when covering events or happenings outside of a fixed studio.

Held since 2012, this Open Day is aimed at professionals in the area of content production (such as e-learning or audiovisual communication) from different higher education institutions. For Cláudio Silva, this was even "the best edition of the Open Day ever", taking into account the demand and the interest of the visitors.

The value of preparation

The visit to the Studio was conducted area by area, with the assistance of Inês Casquilho-Martins, from ISCTE-IUL's Online Learning platform. The invitation was made in order to "demonstrate the practices of using the ISCTE-IUL studio", she explains, "namely with regard to the preparation and planning of contents and support materials".

Inês Casquilho-Martins shared some specific advice, such as the importance of preparing the teleprompter, the images to be used and even the clothes to wear. The investment in preparation, she stresses, "ends up paying off, since "the work flows more efficiently and the final result itself will be better".

As for the possibilities offered by the Unit's Studio FCCN to the educational and research community, Inês Casquilho-Martins considers it "a professional, practical, rigorous and useful service for professional and academic activity", taking into account the technological and human resources support it represents. "The Studio has had a very positive impact on the training of ISCTE-IUL students and staff," she adds.

For one of the visitors of this Open Day, Tiago Carvalho, from the audiovisual area of the Computer Department of the Rectory of the University of Lisbon, this was a way to "learn about new equipment and opportunities that may open up in the future". It is already at the end of the visit that he reveals having found "interesting possibilities", namely related to equipment based on 4K technology. "[Here] there is the possibility of creating virtual courses with more sophisticated equipment", he concluded.

See how it went:

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