The head of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS), Sandra Pinto, describes the recording experience at the FCCN Studio, detailing the context in which the recordings were made.

What is the scope of the recordings made?

Our work in the FCCN Studio is part of the project "+Negócios -Desperdício", a project of the IPS/IPStartup funded by the Environmental Fund, under the contest "Sustainable Production and Consumption". The project includes an annual contest of ideas for value creation from waste/waste from small and medium-sized companies in the Setúbal Peninsula, Alentejo Litoral and Vendas Novas. In this sense, companies launch challenges, and teams of IPS students, teachers and researchers propose ideas to solve them and then work on those ideas, particularly within the scope of their course units. At the end, the potential of these ideas for implementation in the companies or even for transformation into new businesses is evaluated.

The MOOC we recorded in the FCCN Studio is composed of multiple modules that present the competition and the themes it relates to, all related to the area of Circular Economy. This course will then go online on the contest's website, among others, serving as support to the different stakeholders, both in this pilot edition and in future editions.

What was the reason for choosing the FCCN studio?

One of our team members had already recorded some classes at the FCCN Unit and suggested that we should also record this MOOC there, taking advantage of the resources made available under the Educast project, which IPS joined. From this idea, we made a more in-depth analysis of the videos that are available and verified that they had the quality that we were looking for. And that they even inspired us a lot.

And how would you describe the user experience?

It was the first time that most of the team recorded in studio and it was a very positive experience that we all intend to repeat in the future. We especially appreciated the tireless support we received from the FCCN team and the flexibility and availability to help us ensure we met the tight schedule we had for the completion of our project. Especially given the stage we are at with the pandemic. We recommend the experience to anyone who wants to record high quality videos to be made available online. At FCCN, you can count on a team of excellent and highly dedicated professionals that will help ensure the success of our projects.

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