Service Unit FCCN was distinguished by ISCTE-IUL in the "Central Public Administration" category on November 29th.

The NAU Platform won the ISCTE Public Policy Award 2022, in the Central Public Administration category, as a service provided by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), through the FCCN Unit, to improve the lives of citizens.

The distinction recognizes the role that this platform, pioneer at a national level, has played for more than three years in online education and training. The NAU Platform provides free online courses open to the population in different areas of knowledge. "NAU is a platform open to all, which aims to contribute to the national design of qualification," said the FCT's member, António Bob Santos, during his speech of thanks.

With the motto "The State improving our lives", the 2022 edition of the award promoted by IPPS-ISCTE aimed to highlight the most relevant public policies adopted in Portugal. The NAU Platform was recognized through criteria such as effectiveness of results, quality, innovation and transferability by the jury composed of experts in Public Policies.
Recognition of impact

Impact Recognition

For the Vice-President of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), Francisco Santos, this award "recognizes the quality of the service that NAU provides to the population and the differentiated impact it has on the lives of those who invest in lifelong learning. "It is a free service that currently reaches more than 190,000 active users and has the capacity to have more than 100,000 students every day. The goal now is to grow the offer and continue to be an added value for partner entities and, above all, for citizens," he adds.

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