The second edition of the Advanced Computing Projects Call for the A2 Access Project registered 58 applications, with a total number of requested hours 391% higher than the available capacity. 

The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), through the National Scientific Computing Unit (FCCN), announced the results of the 2nd edition of the Advanced Computing Projects Callfor the A2 Project Access typology

In total, 58 applications from different scientific areas were collected. The areas of "Physics and Mathematics" and "Chemistry and Materials" are those with the highest number of projects, and, as in the first edition, applications were received from projects in various fields such as Engineering and Technology, Life and Health Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences and also Social and Economic Sciences.

A further 40 educational institutions, as well as one cooperative and one association, are on the list of candidate projects. In total, around 80 000 000 core.hours were requested, representing 391% of the capacity available for the call.

Remember that this contest aims to give access to the use of High Performance Computing and/or Scientific Cloud Computing resources. As such, it is recommended for scientific or innovation projects whose work team has some previous experience.

Applications are still open for modalities A0 - experimental access and A1 - preparatory access and must be submitted by 28 April 2022 . Every 8 weeks, the applications received are aggregated in batches and subject to summary technical validation (A0) or technical assessment (A1). The allocation in the platforms will be carried out until the limit of the respective quotas is reached.

For more information, visit the information about the call on the FCT website.

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