Science, Technology and Society Network is now connected to the GigaPIX traffic exchange point at 100 Gbps. Upgrade ensures connectivity needs in the coming years. 

The upgrade of the RCTS connection to GigaPIX follows the acquisition of new equipment during the last two years. With capacity for 100 Gbps connections, the equipment was installed at the headquarters of the National Scientific Computing Unit and Equinix, in Lisbon.

This improvement allows increasing the total capacity of the platform and improving its redundancy. In this sense, since March 11, RCTS connected to 100 Gbps, being the first GigaPIX member connected at this speed.

The upgrade of the connection is necessary to meet the traffic growth of the national academic and scientific network with GigaPIX. Thus, with this upgrade, the connectivity needs between RCTS and GigaPIX will be covered for the next few years.

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