The Science, Technology and Society Network's access to GÉANT is now ensured through two 30Gbps connections.

The growth of traffic from the RCTS community led to the upgrade of the infrastructure of this National Scientific Computing Unit network used by the academic and research community. The change represents a 10 Gbps capacity increase - from 20 to 30 Gbps.

According to the Director of the Network Services Area of the National Scientific Computing Unit, Ana Pinto, the basis of this upgrade is "the commitment to the Academic and Scientific Community". "We must ensure that the RCTS constantly evolves and adapts to needs," she reinforces.

This adaptation, she adds, is only possible with the investment "in the activation of additional redundancy levels", as well as in "increasing the bandwidth available". Moreover, the director stresses that if the pace of traffic growth continues, it will be necessary to "start the procedure for a new upgrade this year".

The connection to the GÉANT network is now ensured through two 30Gbps connections: between Lisbon and London and between Lisbon and Madrid.

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