Connection was made on 17 May. Membership will allow faster access to various types of content. 

On 17 May, Verizon Media, formerly known as Oath, became connected to GigaPIX. According to the team from the Network Services Area of the National Scientific Computing Unit, this new connection is in line with the GigaPIX strategy: "to connect more and more entities, in order to provide a better service not only to the Academic Network, but also to the entire Internet in Portugal".

In this sense, the presence of this new member in GigaPIX (and respective direct peering with the Science Technology and Society Network - RCTS) will allow the institutions connected to the academic network "a faster access to a vast group of media contents", they add, highlighting that this traffic, as all of GigaPIX, is considered as academic.

The GigaPIX structure currently connects all the major national operators and some of the largest international content servers, such as Akamai, Google or Microsoft. It currently has 37 members and its maximum traffic exchange rate is close to 100Gbps. The most recent data point to a 60% growth in GigaPIX traffic volume over the last few years. This structure is present in three locations in the city of Lisbon and one in Porto.

Verizon Media is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications that brings together various digital platforms. It was created after the parent company acquired AOL (America Online) in 2015 and Yahoo! in 2017.

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