At a time when data security is critical, FCT, through the FCCN unit, is teaming up with IPTelecom and Warpcom, as part of the project Portuguese Quantum Communications Infrastructure (PTQCI) project, to jointly implement a state-of-the-art communications infrastructure in Lisbon that combines quantum technology with network and security solutions.

This system connects two points via a 14-kilometer route in the capital, over fiber from FCCN. It is based on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology: a communication method that allows two parties to produce a random secret key. Since this key is known only to the parties, it is used to encrypt and decrypt messages, strengthening the entire infrastructure and guaranteeing the security of communications.

The implementation of this infrastructure symbolizes a significant step forward in strengthening communications in Portugal and contributing to technological progress. It is also a testament to collaborative innovation, achieved through the work carried out between the three entities.

The initiative has the support of the EuroQCI program, a European Union project dedicated to the development of secure quantum infrastructures, which aims to promote quantum security in Portugal.

Future goals: to reach the entire national territory

PTQCI's future plans, together with the other partners, are to go beyond Lisbon and implement this quantum network technology nationwide. This will be done by integrating different QKD solutions from various manufacturers, as well as with the help of traditional network and security technology.

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