SIP TRUNK - The telephone channel over IP

Written by Fábio Cosme - 31 October 2023

In the RCTS VoIP network, the term SIP Trunk is often used to refer to the interconnection of our VoIP equipment with operators. read more

Malware attack by e-mail. What it is and how to protect yourself.


Written by João Machado - 19 October 2023

It is crucial to know the threats that can attack your organization and how to mitigate them. One such threat is malware, which often infiltrates organizations through seemingly harmless emails. read more

AI open at RNCA with Albertina PT-*

Computing Innovation

26 July 2023

Opinion of António Branco, Professor at the Faculty of Science of Lisbon and General Director of PORTULAN CLARIN Research Infrastructure for Language Science and Technology, on the Albertina PT-* project read more

eSIM: The New "Card

Connectivity Knowledge

Written by Fábio Cosme - 28 June 2023

We are all familiar with the famous little removable card used in mobile devices to identify the user of a telephone operator's network, the... read more

The essential is invisible to the eye: the role of PTCRIS in science management 

21 June 2023

The manager of PTCRIS, Cátia Laranjeira, explains everything about the importance of this program for the future of the national scientific system. The transition to an economy... read more