July 21st, between 9am and 1pm


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Roteiro INCoDe.2030 will tour 25 locations across the country, with a focus on digital empowerment. São Miguel will host the initiative's second event, on July 21st. 

The second event of the INCoDe.2030 Roadmap - Digital Enablement takes place on July 21st, between 9am and 1pm, at Nonagon - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, Azores, and will be attended by the Secretary of State of the Sea, José Maria Costa.

This session will be dedicated to the theme of the Sea, and will feature the contribution of local initiatives, but also emblematic projects that promote digital empowerment in Portugal, and that have the support of INCoDe.2030. The INCoDe.2030 Roadmap will travel through 25 locations across the country, focusing on a multitude of topics, ranging from the digital economy, to gender equality or innovation

The National Digital Skills Initiative e.2030 (Portugal INCoDe.2030) is an inter-ministerial program that brings together the government departments of Economy and Digital Transition, Science, Technology and Higher Education, Education, Administrative Modernization, Planning and Infrastructures, Labor and Social Security, with the aim of increasing the digital skills of the Portuguese population, preparing them for emerging and digital-based employment opportunities. 

INCoDe.2030 is developed around five axes of action: Inclusion, Education and vocational training, Qualification and requalification, Research, and Advanced training, each one associated with a set of objectives and public policy measures whose pursuit is the responsibility of various institutions and entities.

The event will be broadcast live online on the INCoDe.2030 website. Register now.

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