A new feature of the Unity videoconferencing service FCCN offers several advantages for Colibri users. Find out which ones.

Thanks to the integration of Zoom Apps in the Colibri service, it is now possible to open collaborative applications directly in a session, without the need to share a page, application or external site. " The goal is to facilitate users' access to productivity, well-being and entertainment software", explains the Colibri team, on the service's help site.

Various Zoom Apps have already been tested and installed, and are now available for use by the whole community: Kahoot; Miro; Mural; Mentimeter; Survey Monkey; Dot Collector; Virtual Backgrounds; Pexels; Draw with Scribble Together Whiteboard; Meeting Timer; Agenda Timer and Clock Countdown; Notejoy and Allo.

In order to support the community in using this new feature, a dedicated page has been created on the Colibri help site which contains the main recommended applications. It should be noted that direct access to the Zoom API will continue to be restricted to the FCCN Unit, for security reasons, and that all untested applications will always have to go through the testing and approval process of the service management.

On its website, the Zoom platform describes Zoom Apps as a way to "enrich the user experience through a variety of use cases - including whiteboard, project management, note taking, gaming and more." This integration is seen by the brand as an essential component in the transition "from an app to a platform".

You can find out more about the Colibri service at FCCN.

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