September 20th to 22nd - 9am (CEST)


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Prague hosts the annual event organized by EGI and CESNET. From September 20-22, the EGI 2022 conference debates innovation in computing to ensure better and greater support for research.

How will innovative computing services help build a better research ecosystem? What are the pathways to innovation? What new opportunities exist for collaboration? "Looking to the future" is the motto of EGI 2022.

With the motto "Together for Tomorrow", the annual conference brings together professionals from the branches of science and scientific computing from around the world to collaboratively look to the future, in which computing serves research with greater rigor, excellence, and in an optimized way.

The EGI 2022 conference is being organized by EGI - the international federation that guarantees solutions for advanced computing and data analysis in scientific research - and CESNET - the Czech infrastructure for networking and computing. It will take place in Prague between September 20 and 22, with other initiatives taking place on September 19 and 23.

The call for projects ended with more than 70 submissions received on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence; Compute Continuum; Data Spaces and Data Lakes; EOSC Computing Platform; Business Policies and Models; Security, Trust & Identity.

The program and pre-registration are already available and can be consulted on the event's website.

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