Until February 26, 2021, Portuguese higher education students, with the support of the FCT's FCCN Unit, will be able to submit a proposal to present at the largest and most prestigious annual conference of European academic networks (NRENs): TNC21

What does the Lightning Talks Challenge (LTC)?

The LTC project challenges students from different European countries to share their ideas and study/research projects in the field of technology, namely IT or computer networks .This sharing will take place during TNC21, which is considered to be the largest annual networking conference. This opportunity is guaranteed by the GÉANT Network, in collaboration with the FCCN Unit.

What is the aim of the initiative?

This is the fifth edition of the LTC, a project that is part of GÉANT's Future Talent Programme. The aim of this programme, highlights the European network, is to "prepare young professionals to have an impact on an audience through their idea, project or research".

What is TCN21?

TNC21 takes place from 21-25 June in a fully online format. This is the largest gathering of collaboration and networking experts, policy makers, representatives from Higher Education institutions and the technology industry, as well as managers from the world's leading research and academic networks (NRENs).

Have there ever been Portuguese people participating?

There have been Portuguese participations since 2017. In 2020,the students from the Higher Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP), Fábio Lourenço and Luís Sampaio, were selected, with a presentation on software engineering and artificial intelligence. You can see the final presentation here.

How can I submit the application?

Applications are already under way. The deadline for submitting applications is 26 February, with the results to be announced in April . Interested students should send their proposal to the following email address: c.imagem@fccn.pt . The proposal should be sent in English, be original and objective, and include the student's contact details.

Relevant dates:

February 26: submission of application to FCCN (Applicants)

February 28: pre-selection of candidates and submission of application to GEANT (FCCN)

March: decision on accepted proposals (GEANT)

March/April: workshops on public presentation (applicants/GEANT)

May: video presentations (applicants/GEANT)

21-25 June: TNC (applicants)

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