A 7-year Framework Agreement defines the objectives and impact of GÉANT projects within the European Union's research and innovation funding programme - Horizon Europe.

The contours of the agreement signed between GÉANT and the European Commission had already been approved in October 2021. Three months later, the two parties have now formalised the "GN5 Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA)", detailing the overall direction, objectives and impact of individual projects falling under Horizon Europe.

From now on, project applications for funding can be formalised. According to GÉANT CEO Erik Huizer, the signing of this agreement illustrates "the level of trust between the European Commission and the GÉANT consortium" - a relationship that has been built over 20 years.

The agreement is seen by GÉANT as a way to ensure the necessary stability and visibility for long-term project planning and development. "This is excellent news for GÉANT, its national research and education networks (NRENs), but also for the communities they support," concluded Erik Huizer.

It should be remembered that the GÉANT network is an extension of the national research and teaching networks which, like the Unit FCCN, are linked to it. By interconnecting European NRENs, GÉANT plays a key role as an accelerator in European research and is an exponential driver in the sharing of knowledge. 

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