The new directory of repositories and digital scientific journals will be launched at the next session of the "Open Science, Repositories and Online Library" scientific conference cycle on July 26. Learn more about INDEXAR.

"To be an online reference in locating, validating and preserving relevant scientific content in the areas of science, technology and culture". This is the central objective of the new service of the FCCN Unit - the INDEXAR - which consists of a directory of repositories and digital scientific journals, nationwide. Thanks to a classification and enumeration system, it will be possible for users to find these repositories and scientific journals in their areas of interest.

The service will be presented on July 26, during the next session of the cycle of scientific conferences of the Foundation for Science and Technology that has traveled the country, will be dedicated to the theme "Open Science, Repositories and Online Library". Integrated in the communication on Open Science activities and news, the main characteristics of this service will be shared. It also intends to raise awareness among institutions on their responsibility in safeguarding and preserving digital information and ensuring its access in the future.

In this sense, INDEXAR intends to implement itself with two communities of interest. Besides the academic and research community (researchers, lecturers, students) and the general public looking for documentation repositories, INDEXAR aims to reach repository managers, sharing the guaranteed benefits, in order to promote registration on this platform.

What benefits?

In addition to an inventory function, aggregating repositories, journals and respective information, INDEXAR integrates a set of value added services for repositories. First of all, the possibility of integrating information with thematic aggregators or international directories, as well as the facilitation of access to obtaining persistent identifiers, through the FCT records service, stands out. 

The adhesion to the service is done through registration on the INDEXAR platform. The registrations made are validated by coordinators of the field of action of the respective repository or scientific journal. Any entity that owns repositories or digital scientific journals in the areas of science, technology and culture may join INDEXAR.

To learn more about INDEXAR, please visit:

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