The National Survey on Advanced Computing 2023 (INCA-2023) has its deadline for participation extended until August 11. This is a unique opportunity for all stakeholders who want to contribute their perspectives and experiences in this important survey, which aims to understand the needs, challenges and possibilities related to advanced computing in the country.

Participants are invited to access the survey and share their ideas, experiences and visions. The aim is to understand what the existing needs are and identify areas that require investment and improvement in advanced computing infrastructure.

INCA-2023 highlights that the answers collected will play a crucial role in efficiently targeting resources, optimizing the use of available means and establishing support policies that boost research and innovation in the country. The initiative seeks to strengthen the scientific and technological environment, attracting investments and promoting collaborations both at national and international level.

For more information on the survey, participants can access the official RNCA website.

Any further questions or clarifications can be directed to

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