The FCCN unit and GÉANT joined forces to organize a workshop linked to the Open Cloud for Research Environments (OCRE) project. 

On February 22, the entities that adhere to the Open Cloud for Research Environments (OCRE) framework agreement had the opportunity to participate in a training session about this program. Through this action, it was possible to make known all the advantages and potentialities of this consortium that intends to "accelerate the adoption of cloud technology by the European research community". 

The training follows on from the session to publicize the agreement between the adhering entities, held in 2021, and is available online

The OCRE is the result of a partnership between GÉANT, 40 national research and education networks and 20,000 European higher education institutions that have collectively negotiated a pan-European framework agreement for a period of 4 years. The agreement includes negotiating better terms in terms such as price, quality, quantity or obligations, for example, with leading IaaS+ Cloud Service providers. 

The advantages of creating this framework agreement are many and can be seen not only in the guarantee of better prices through the aggregation of demand in several countries, but also in easier contracting (with ready-to-use contract templates), a reduction in procedural waiting times, support at all stages of the process, a guarantee of security in data handling, among others. As a national research and education network, the FCCN Unit is responsible for streamlining the necessary contracting procedures between Confirmed Entities and suppliers. 

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