The 2022 edition of the Unity Days will begin on May 31st FCCN. Get to know some of the most anticipated results. 

#1 Getting to know news about services and projects

Every year, the Jornadas da Unidade FCCN (Unit Days ) serve the purpose of bringing the community served by this FCT technological unit up to date with the main developments in its projects and services. In this regard, the "Zapping" moment, scheduled for June 1st, will provide an opportunity to see all the main developments in a short space of time. In addition to this moment, the various services and projects of the Unit FCCN will be the central theme of parallel sessions during the event, so that participants can explore their added value, results and potential in greater depth. 

#2 Explore emerging technology trends

Open Science, privacy policies for personal data, Cybersecurity, Advanced Computing and even cryptocurrencies are some of the topics that will be part of these three days of work. Bearing in mind that FCCN services and projects move in the sphere of technological innovation, there will be several emerging trends in this area. Also noteworthy will be the participation of guest speakers who, during the main lectures, will delve into specific topics linked to the world of technology. 

#3 Getting feedback from the community

The 80 or so institutions served by the Unit FCCN - such as educational institutions, research centers, among others - will also have the opportunity to contribute their experience of the Unit's services and projects at this event FCCN. Through these contributions, it will be possible to embody the goal of continuous improvement, adjusting services to the real needs of the community served by the Unit FCCN. This feedback is also particularly important given the different experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic and the different roles that digital solutions have played during this period. 

#4 Networking

The face-to-face meeting, which annually brings together hundreds of representatives from the institutions served by the Unit FCCN , also fulfills another fundamental objective: to strengthen existing relationships, fostering cohesion within the national teaching and research community. By sharing experiences, it will be possible to make known the specific challenges faced by each institution, as well as find collective solutions to shared problems. On the other hand, face-to-face contact plays an important role in future contacts, with a view to stimulating collaborative work. 

#5 Get to know the local culture and heritage 

Each year, the Jornadas da Unidade FCCN take place in a different institution (and city). Braga, Ponta Delgada, Leiria and Évora are some examples of places that have already hosted the days. In 2022, the Polytechnic of Viseu will be the meeting point for the FCCN community. The program designed for the three days will make it possible to get to know not only this higher education institution better, but also the city of Viseu itself, exploring its past, present and future. 

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