The FCCN unit of the Foundation for Science and Technology, through its Ssecurity incident response service, RCTS CERT organises an event "Capture The Flag"event, from 4 to 6 August. Initiative is open to students from Higher, Secondary and Vocational Education.


From 4 to 6 August, RCTS CERT will host a Capture The Flag - a competition that challenges participants to find and solve cybersecurity problems cybersecurity problems.

The challenges presented range from exercises in reverse engineering, a cryptography, through to web operations web hacking or forensic analysis. Other challenges will also focus on the areas of steganography and wifi.

One of the main objectives of the event is to provide participants a means of a means of developing and testing skills related related to cybersecurity.

The first classified will have the opportunity to make a guided visit to the Datacentre of FCCN Unit.

Registrations are open to all Higher, Secondary and Vocational Education Professionals enthusiastic about the cybersecurity area and can be done through the form at


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