FCCN has just launched a new digital catalog of services, dedicated to the solutions it offers to the national scientific and academic communities. This portfolio also provides information on the different ways of accessing FCCN services.

Through the new virtual catalog, users can access information and the main advantages of the company's services more quickly and easily. FCCNservices more quickly and easily. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can search by target audience, by pillar of activity or directly by the name of the service.

Digital service catalog

Among the new features is information on new services that have recently been developed, such as the INDEXAR.

FCCN is continually looking for new ways to support national research and education and, with this digital solution, hopes to broaden the scope of its service offering and make the user experience easier.

The new digital catalog of services from FCCN can be accessed at https://servicos.fccn.pt/.

Digital service catalog

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