Requalification of the FCCN Studio's technology and infrastructure will allow it to "better serve the RCTS community", says the Multimedia service manager, Nelson Schäller. Learn about the implemented improvements.  

2022 brought news to the FCCN Studio. Upgrading works were carried out in this structure that the FCCN Unit makes available to its community, and the improvements implemented concern both the infrastructure and the technology used. 

In terms of infrastructure, one of the main new features is the creation of an acoustically treated voiceover booth that will allow voiceovers to be recorded in a controlled space with professional quality. On the other hand, new spaces will be created such as a waiting room and technological demonstrations, a dressing room, a technical room and a storage room.

The upgrading of the FCCN Studio also aims to implement a technological upgrade , with the updating of the tricaster system, allowing the realization and virtual 4K scenography in real time. On the other hand, the FCCN Studio will start using NDI(Network Device Interface) technology, which allows video transmission over IP. This possibility brings with it several advantages, explains Nelson Schäller, "namely the possible interoperability in content production with geographically dispersed studios, in a real-time interaction".  

According to Nelson Schäller, this is the most relevant upgrade carried out in the FCCN Studio since its birth, in 2009. Through this requalification it will be possible, he reveals, "to improve the conditions of the space and perform a technological upgrade to better serve the entire RCTS community.

"This is a natural technological evolution that will enhance the production of better quality educational content and will facilitate the future remote communication of this infrastructure with all the institutions in our network," adds Nelson Schäller, before concluding: "It is a milestone in the technological evolution of the FCCN Studio.

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