"Technological Efficiency and Opportunities for Universities" is the title of the White Paper published by Axians. The document highlights a range of services from the Unit FCCN.

Crossing "key challenges" with "specific opportunities for the higher education community" is the goal defined, during the executive summary of "Technology Efficiency and Opportunities for Universities", by the head of Axians, Pedro Faustino. In this sense, he adds, the publication aims to offer higher education institutions a "map for the future", highlighting, above all, "the evolving role that the right technologies have played" for members of the higher education community and for the coherence of campus life.

O White Paper lists a set of technological tools that may be useful for higher education institutions to respond to contemporary challenges. However, more than "a mere list of technological and efficient solutions", the publication intends to focus on "the challenges felt by the education community", adds Pedro Faustino, thus highlighting the specific role that technology plays in a society in constant transformation. 

The first section of this White Paper is entitled "Disruptive education" and focuses on ways to "empower members of academic communities through innovative information technologies". In this chapter, a set of services from the FCCN Unit - Educast, Colibri, Videocast, Estúdio FCCN and NAU - are highlighted as tools that "can help modernize the way universities interact and collaborate remotely ".

"These platforms simplify the way people teach and learn, through synchronous and asynchronous activities," say the Axians experts. Through this type of service, they add, the FCCN Unit "offers the right tools that allow universities to implement different models of education", thus preparing higher education institutions with "virtual and hybrid environments" that are compatible with traditional educational approaches. 

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