A session to present and publicize the services of the FCCN Unit of the Foundation for Science and Technology was held on November 27 for teachers and teams from the communication offices of the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon.

The main focus of the session was the presentation of the Educast service , dedicated to recording, editing and publishing multimedia educational content. Over three and a half hours, it was possible for the participants to get to know this platform and its main advantages as a tool to support teaching and learning. To learn more about Educast, visit: www.educast.pt

In addition to describing the functionalities of the platform and the workflow in an educational context, the session included a practical moment, with a content production exercise. At the end, the participants were able to record and publish audiovisual content on the platform autonomously.

The session also included a presentation of the NAU Platform - the national initiative to operate a technical and operational infrastructure to support the publication and promotion of content in MOOC(Massive Open Online Course) format.

If you would like to schedule a session with us, please contact us at suporte-educast@fccn.pt.

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