The results of the first edition of the competition promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), through the Unit FCCN.

The FCCN unit approved 129 projects under the scope of the first edition of the Advanced Computing Projects Call. 67 of the projects approved fell into the Types A1 and A2 of this call (Preparatory Access and Project Access), with an approval rate of 50.4% in these categories.

In total, more than 80 million computing hours (CPU core.hours) were requested in this first edition. Initially, the call was expected to award around 27 million CPU core.hours, but this total was revised to 35.3 million in order to accommodate a greater number of projects.

The call aimed to promote the presentation of Advanced Computing Projects in all areas, which will be technologically supported through the resources of the National Network for Advanced Computing (RNCA). As a result of this first edition, 129 projects will now have access to RNCA resources in the 3 available modalities (High Performance Computing, High Throughput Computing and Cloud Computing).

On the FCT website you can find the results of Computing Projects Calls Advanced: a list of approved applications, a summary of the results and additional information. The 1st edition of the CPCA is part of the National Digital Competences Initiative e.2030, Portugal INCoDe.2030, under Axis 5 - Research, which aims to guarantee the conditions for the production of new knowledge and active participation in international R&D networks and programs for public or private, non-profit research institutions dedicated to scientific research and technological development.

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